Technologist, General Management, Content Procurment

david-mugshot-skypeBandon Oregon. Fiber Internet access. Cottage Office.
Travel OK.

David Gerhart

(541)632-3866 office


Position in Design, Delivery, Change Management, Operations…


10+ years C-level IT Management. 25+ years total as a principal technologist. Telecommunications (certifications), call centers, networks, security, software, E-commerce. Hosting, systems development.  Wholesale, retail (domestic and international.)

Independent Consultant since 2001


Life member elected to the American Alpine Club (1985)
Former Guide (Fly Fishing, Mountaineering)
Author. Volunteer. Activist.


Planning, execution, and operation of enterprise IT programs
Technical due diligence for corporate mergers and acquisitions
Design, procurement, and installation of global, metropolitan and local networks
Experience with international class-A telecom vendors and contractors
Warehouse and Office Construction project management
Product fulfillment infrastructure and customer service operations management

Investor and partner / US distributor “Deep Six” products (patented)

Designer “Mobile Concierge Networks” commuter information systems, also:

Author, public speaker: IT subject-matter/industry expert.

Creator / Moderator talk radio program “Tuesday Tech Talk”

Board Member


Experience with enterprise and corporate IT Management will be of great value to agencies seeking multi-disciplinary expertise. Recent depth of expertise with emerging technologies focused on mobility and social engagement positions me to drive solutions for organizations struggling with legacy IT.

Consulting organizations through difficult transitions has resulted in an awareness of what works and what does not when recruiting, training and retaining technical staff. My perspective is that a successful team will groom successors in a collaborative exchange of information, techniques, and ideas.

References will attest that I am a talented and effective transitional Manager – tactfully and effectively filling gaps. I strongly amplify efforts to identify, prepare and enable correct-fit successors: In both Human Resources and Capital Projects.

To receive more information on my abilities or if I may assist your search for Senior Management by leveraging my contacts in any way, reach me anytime at the information above.

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